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Going Home to Pemberley // by E. Bradshaw

Type: Sequel

Setting:  Regency

Read Via: Kindle Unlimited

Overall Rating:  2.5/5.0

Characters True-to-Original Rating:  2.5/5.0

Copyright:  2016

Pages: 274

Clean Rating: Mature

Synopsis (via Goodreads): 

‘Going Home to Pemberley’ continues the story of what happened next to the beloved characters of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. This story follows on from ‘Engaged to Mr Darcy’, though it is possible to read the second story without having read the first.

The story picks up from the day after their wedding day and follows the twists and turns of their lives, through the early months of their marriage. It is the story of how two people who love each other very much can sometimes still misunderstand one another – and can inadvertently hurt one another.

The story follows the couple as they both adjust to one another – and as Elizabeth becomes accustomed to the intimacies of married life. And as the reader might expect from two personalities with such strong wills, there are also misunderstandings and conflicts between them as they gradually become more familiar with one another.

This version sees a return of the dastardly Mr Wickham, as he once again plots against his nemesis and plans an awful revenge upon Darcy – by means of Elizabeth. This continuation also tells the story of what became of Lydia following her hasty marriage to Wickham. There is more insight into Georgiana’s timid personality, as well as some alarming disclosures concerning her heartbreak in the aftermath of her near-elopement with Wickham.

There are also appearances by many of the other characters from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, including Colonel Fitzwilliam, Lord and Lady Matlock, Caroline Bingley, and others too.


Technically, this is a sequel to Engaged to Mr. Darcybut because that was a sequel to the original (rather than a variation), it would be easy to read this one as a standalone.  Except don’t do that, because this one got seriously weird.

The beginning is pretty regular.  Darcy and Elizabeth, newly married, head to Pemberley and settle into their new life.  There are little adventures and little squabbles, but all in all everything is fine.  People come to visit for Christmas and they host a spring ball.  All pretty regular.  My only real aggravation (besides the sex scenes, which are always an aggravation) was that every time Darcy and Elizabeth had a disagreement, Elizabeth was ALWAYS right.  Darcy was always the one who was being too proud, too stubborn, too overprotective, too whatever, while Elizabeth was always the voice of reason and balance.  This really annoyed me because, I mean, Darcy has been a very successful individual for a decade now, so I think he somehow managed to hobble along before she was there, and I didn’t like how basically he was this helpless, hopeless robot before she came along to show him how to deal with people.

But whatever, it was some eyerolling, but nothing too major, although I will say that Bradshaw also has a very annoying habit of using italics excessively, not just in conversation, but throughout her entire narrative, which gave the story a rather odd cadence.  

Elizabeth finds out she’s pregnant, and things are humming along in typical sequel-fashion, when, without much of a warning, things went completely off the rails.  The direction that this plot took was completely disagreeable to me because I felt like it severely misrepresented two main characters, one of whom was Darcy, who turned into this completely ridiculous angry, brooding, accusing, rage-filled maniac who jumped to conclusions and was borderline violent.  It was a complete 180 from his character prior to this particular event, so it just didn’t make any sense.  And he was SO rude and cruel that I found it also impossible to believe that Elizabeth would ever be able to forgive him!  I couldn’t help but race through the end, hoping that things would somehow make sense, but they honestly didn’t.  Something happens, Darcy blows the entire thing completely out of proportion and flips out, he says basically unforgivable things to Elizabeth and another character (spoilers below), acts like a raging lunatic, and then, after a week or so of quiet contemplation, Elizabeth forgives him and they go back to normal…????  It was bizarre.

So 2.5* because the story started fine, but based on the second half of the book alone, it would be more like 1*.

Some serious spoilers below if you want to know exactly what happens.

Spoiler Review:  (complete with capital letters, exclamation points, and question marks)…

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The Rainbow Promise // by Lory Lilian

30303278Type: Variation Sequel (follows Rainy Days)

Setting:  Regency

Read Via: Kindle Unlimited

Overall Rating:  2.3/5.0

Characters True-to-Original Rating:  4.0/5.0

Copyright:  2016

Pages: 303

Clean Rating:  Mature.  Lots of lovering, especially in the beginning.

Synopsis (via Amazon):  

For more than ten years, “Rainy Days” has been one of the most widely read and best loved of the Pride and Prejudice variations.  Many readers have asked for a sequel, and finally, ten years later, here it is: “The Rainbow Promise”.  The story continues Elizabeth and Darcy’s passionate journey from a humble cottage to the galmour of a London season before reaching its destination at the incomparable Pemberley.  The road is filled with love, passion, angst, humour, twists – and more love.


In short, a very disappointing sequel, as there was basically no story.  The first third of the book is just random scenes of Darcy and Elizabeth lovemaking or wishing they were lovemaking.  The middle is a super random thing where they meet this young servant girl who is alone in the park on a wintry evening.  They bring her home and then she gets sick, and then it turns out that she is pregnant, and then there is some drama.  However, the whole thing with the maid made virtually no sense, but apparently that was the main story for the whole book.  The last bit of the book is Darcy and Elizabeth finally making it to Pemberley and being really happy and everyone comes and visits and is like, “Wow, you’re really happy!” And then there is an epilogue where everyone goes on about how happy they are.

I mean, it was an okay book, but on the whole it was just really, really boring, mainly because there wasn’t a plot.  Instead of being a better read than Rainy Days, it was definitely weaker, and since Rainy Days isn’t my favorite, going backwards from there is kind of a bad thing.

As always, more ranting and ??!?!?! below the break if you’re interested…

Spoiler Review:  (complete with capital letters, exclamation points, and question marks)…

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