Can't Stop Reading P&P Variations…

The Good, the Bad, and the ?!??!?!?!?!

Why This Is Even a Thing

So I’m a bit of a an addict.  I’m addicted to reading, to blogging, and to blogging about reading.  It gets awkward at times, but I manage to muddle through it.  And while I can’t deny that reading is sometimes just as detrimental to my productivity levels as drugs would be, at least the long-term impact seems to be better.  😉

I have a “serious” book blog, but I decided to create one just for my secret indulgence:  I freaking love random variations and sequels for Pride and Prejudice.  I realize that they’re terrible, that many of them make no sense, and that they add virtually nothing to civilization, but I just can’t stop reading them.

Since I tend to binge-read them a lot, I decided to set up a separate blog just for reviewing them, where I can have a little more fun with the reviews without clogging up my regular blog when I read ten different variations in as many days.  😀

Remember, this blog is just my opinion.  I’m not expert and I don’t claim to be super clever.  I just know what I enjoy, and I always enjoy sharing my opinions!

Feel free to leave some opinions of your own, as well as any suggestions for good (or terrible!) Pride & Prejudice variations you think I should read.

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