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Lizzy’s Novel // by Sophie Lynbrook

30049111Type: Variation

Setting:  Regency

Read Via: Kindle Unlimited

Overall Rating:  3.4/5.0

Characters True-to-Original Rating:  3.9/5.0

Copyright:  2016

Pages: 176

Clean Rating:  G.  (I’m 99% sure.  It’s honestly been a few days since I finished this book, but I am pretty positive that there was nothing objectionable.)

Synopsis (via Amazon): 

Elizabeth Bennet is not tolerable enough to tempt Mr. Darcy to dance.  But he tempts her – as a subject for her very active pen.  When her novel needs a villainous character, she finds it easy to write one.  The example has been in front of her since she met Mr. Bingley’s disagreeable friend.  To her great delight, her book is published, but what will happen when Mr. Darcy discovers himself within its pages?


So there were a lot of things to enjoy about this variation.  Basically, Elizabeth has been writing stories/working on a novel since a few months before Bingley’s initial arrival in the neighborhood.  Most events unfold as they did in the canon version, except throughout Elizabeth is delighted to find new idiosyncrasies to add to her writing.  When Darcy offends her at the assembly, and goes on to continue to be rather obnoxious, Elizabeth vents her frustrations with him by making him the “bad guy” in her novel.  After her novel is accepted for publication, however, she begins to see Darcy in a new light, and is quite worried as to what he will think when he finds her old opinions of him written in her book for all the world to see.

The concept is really delightful.  It is quite easy to see Elizabeth in the role of a writer, and I actually enjoyed reading her unfolding novel as the story progressed.  However, some of the transitions were rough, and the steam-of-consciousness writing was a little confusing sometimes.  There was also definitely a lot more that could have happened with this story, but instead Lynbrook chose to just sort of gloss over long periods of time.  Especially disappointing were the days that Elizabeth and Darcy got to know each other as friends, which is summed up in just a few paragraphs.  I think there could have been a lot more meat to this story, as parts of it felt more like an outline than the story itself.

I especially enjoyed the sections where various roles were reversed – for instance, Darcy is the one upset with Elizabeth at Hunsford instead of the other way around.

On the whole, this was a gentle and easy-to-read variation.  An intriguing concept but not as much follow through as I would have liked to have seen.  No spoilers sections for this one as I don’t have any ranting to get off my chest, just a nice little variation without a whole lot of excitement.

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